GameFunder - FREE Game Apps for Non-Profits

Cruise 4 Kids teams up with Chris Awobue, CEO of AlphaMinded to create Gamefunder. GameFunder is new platform that offers non-profits FREE educational game apps for fundraising. "We wanted find a way to engage with our database year round, create more brand awareness, and generate funds.", stated Nino Venturella, CEO of Cruise 4 Kids. "Now non-profits can have a custom game designed with their logos and offer it to their database as a fundraiser."

Soon to be available for Apple products

Soon to be available for Apple products

Gamefunder provides the free app to qualifying non-profits who retain 80% of the profit from sales of the $1.99 game. The first game released is Math Madness, an addicting math game where players test their adding skills as they race against the clock. Players have 3 skill levels to choose from where they add up numbers to match the target number on the screen. Here are screen shots from the game. 

Math Madness start up screen.

GameFunder offers 3 different skill levels of games in Math Madness

 Race against the timer by adding numbers to equal the target number.

Qualified non-profits will be able to:

  •  Set up game at no cost

  •  Custom game with logos throughout app

  •  Add About Us button so users can learn more about non-profit mission and programs

  •  Donate Now button directs user to non-profit website

  •  Game available on Google Play for Android and iTunes Store for Apple

  •  Search for game by looking up non-profit name

  •  Upgrades available to add push notifications

Cruise 4 Kids encourages all non-profits that have a large email database to apply to have a game app designed for them. A great way to generate more funds by offering a fun educational game that the whole family can enjoy. 

Please visit for more information.

Background Story:

Nino Venturella met Chris Awobue at 2015 The Teddy Ball as Chris volunteered to help breakdown the event and load over 2,000 teddy bears into moving trucks. Nino discovered that Chris was a talented programmer who recently launched his Military Minded Apps  platform. 

Military Minded Apps funds projects like a "Go Fund Me" but primarily targets Military, Veterans, First Responders who have a personal, medical, fiscal or community need. One of the ways these projects can be funded is by having a game app designed and shared online to generate funds. 

Cruise 4 Kids thought this was a great idea and wanted to create a platform for non-profits to generate funds using game apps hence the name "GameFunder". 

About the AlphaMinded:

Alphaminded is a veteran owned business located in San Diego California that's designed to create innovative new technology to support people in need. We explores present and future technologies and implements these technologies into projects designed to enhance every-day living. This company heavily emphasizes team building events and exercises while helping veteran and students gain valuable technical experience on a variety of diverse projects. Please visit for more info.

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