Rex Anthony

Board Member

CEO of Regarding X Communications Inc. 

Rex Anthony is a Senior Brand Communications Executive specializing in leveraging analytical and strategically-based information that can be used to establish and drive a company’s brand communications vision, extending brand awareness through the development of multi-medium-based tactics that generate greater market acceptance and fiscal growth. His experience with management and creative teams, marketing, project management, national accounts, contract negotiation and organizational pragmatics have allowed him to contribute on many levels achieving positive bottom line business results. By managing cross-industry initiatives, he has moved the needle up for growth trajectories that support respective corporate objectives. With his unique blend of business acumen, market awareness, and creative solutions, he has earned a solid reputation for his focused skillsets making him an asset for Start up's through Fortune 500 companies.

Supplementally, as an architect of thoughtful and impactful brand solutions, Rex has many successes under his belt that are not limited to traditional corporate communications vehicles. Over the years his expertise has reached­­ into notable symposium solutions supported through team management, aligned to client protocols and resulting in big percentage results. Rex has brought forward his analytical skills into facilities where branded environments and spatial planning merge as important sales drivers thus magnifying a larger spectral view of how corporate branding demonstrates true success.